Project Update: Creemore House

Located in Creemore, Ontario, the 5 ha site of this private residence was chosen by the owners because it offered them the ability to grow, harvest and preserve their own food throughout the year. This effort to live more sustainably, embrace the seasons, and utilize eco-friendly building materials and techniques was the driving force behind our design of the house (read more about Creemore House here).


Speaking of seasons, winter has come for most of us in North America, including Creemore. Despite the snow, the framing is mostly complete and we can start to see different rooms and spaces taking shape.

The outdoor terrace at the front of the house will be used to process fruit from the orchard. The kitchen is adjacent to the terrace and will be used for food prep and canning (among other kitchen-y activities). The eaves under the pitched roof will provide a way to hang fruit to dry. 

Creemore House is slated for completion at the end of spring '18. 

Image by Office Ou