Number 9 Gardens

Rendering Courtyard.jpg
Location: Brier Hill, Ontario, Canada
Status: Masterplanning
Date: 2018

No. 9 is a Toronto-based arts organization with a mission to educate youths about environmental concerns through art and design. Following several years of delivering educational workshops with school boards and arts institutions, No. 9 is now taking the leap to develop its own educational camp, that will not only teach, but also test and develop the latest practices in sustainable building and agriculture. In collaboration with Sandra Iskandar Architect (responsible for building design and general layout), Office Ou is developing a masterplan for the No. 9 Gardens, defining a comprehensive set of sustainable building and landscape strategies.

The project includes an existing barn plus a greenhouse, classrooms, culinary kitchen, dormitory, and a wood/metal fabrication studio, all organized around a central wildflower garden / gathering space. The surrounding landscape is a designed to fit the existing site conditions

Site Plan Overall.png
Rendering Streetview.jpg
Uros Novakovic