TRK Winery

Location: Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario
Status: Planning
Date: 2018

The client is interested in creating a winery that provides visitors a unique experience, a way to feel engaged in the wine-making process. This winery will not cater to large tour groups, but instead welcome smaller groups of visitors that would like to learn and even take part in the life of a vineyard.

This winery will include a range of different spaces, from productive areas (fermentation room, barrel room, bottle storage room, lab, etc...), educational spaces (conference rooms, seminar rooms, tasting room), and commercial spaces including a small bistro and store. It will also include a small inn to provide accommodation to visitors to allow them to dwell on site longer and properly experience the daily processes of the winery.

TRK Winery Front.jpg

In order to do that, we’ve designed a building that engages the surrounding productive landscapes, directly linking the vineyards to the internal processing spaces of the building. As visitors explore the winery they are able to gain an under- standing of the wine-making process and of the landscapes that support it (the grapevines, the supporting pollinator species and indicator species).

The project will be split into three different phases. Phase 1 will include construction of the main production space and a small commercial area. Phase 2 will add the educational facilities, and extend the production area. Phase 3 will add the inn component of the project and a distillery.

The first phase of the project is due to be completed in 2018.

Nicolas Koff